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Upholding Quality: Editorial Board & Peer Review

By now, upon careful review of the aims and scope of journals, you have shortlisted some journals for further consideration. The next important step is to validate the quality of these journals to further narrow down the list. The editorial board, comprising the...

Aims and scope of a journal

A journal with its aims and scope aligned with your research interests ensures a harmonious fit, allowing your work to resonate with the intended audience.

How do you choose your target journal

Based on the information we shared through our previous posts, by now, you know how important it is to decide the type of journal – open access or subscription, most importantly staying away from predatory journals – you want to publish your article in. As a next...

Where to find OA journals

There are several open-access journals these days, and choosing the right journal for you can be challenging. How do you find reputable ones without falling victim to predatory journals?

Planning to publish your article via open access?

OA charges for many reputable journals are so high that keeps you from considering OA as the first choice. But if you dig deeper, you will find options that will not burn your wallet.

Predatory journals: They look like OA journals, but they are not

Predatory publishers look genuine, and it is easy for anyone to fall prey to them unless a thorough analysis is made. They take advantage of their similarity to open access journals and pose themselves as authentic. They are, however, wolves in disguise ready to prey on the gullible researcher.

A Practical Approach to Writing an Academic Paper

Writing an academic paper is a dreadful exercise for many researchers. Is there a way it can be made simple and, if possible, enjoyable?

Where to publish: subscription journals vs open access journals

As a researcher, how do you decide which publishing model is better, the subscription or OA model? To take an informed decision, you need to understand what they are and the pros and cons of each model.

Types of Journals based on Access

Academic journals can be classified based on access to the reader. While subscription journals expect the reader to pay for their content, open access journals are free for the reader.

Types of abstracts

Types of abstracts

In this short article, we will review the two major classifications of abstracts based on their form and function.

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