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Vanakkam. Welcome to Tholga!

Where the essence of Tholkappiyar’s legacy meets modern editorial excellence.

Tholkappiyar authored the illustrious Tholkappiyam, a definitive masterpiece in/on Tamil language and culture that is still relevant after more than two thousand years. Tholga draws inspiration from his dedication to linguistic precision and cultural richness.

At Tholga, we embody the spirit of meticulousness and depth embedded in Tholkappiyam. We specialize in offering top-tier editorial services tailored for researchers and workshops/training on academic writing, journal selection and conducting research.

Tholga is dedicated to enhancing the clarity, coherence, and scholarly merit of research documents. Our team of expert editors combines a profound understanding of academic writing standards with a passion for linguistic finesse, ensuring that your research communicates its insights effectively and adheres to the highest standards of excellence.

Through our workshops, we help researchers understand and master the nuances of academic writing, covering areas widely ranging from literature collection to writing to using tools such as reference managers.

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