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Role Copywriter intern
Educational qualification

Final-year postgraduate students with a first-class pass in graduation and first-year postgraduate students who graduated with a distinction

Period of internship One year
Internship stipend ₹ 5,000 per month


Who would be a great candidate?

The internship involves writing academic content whose audience is often graduate students, researchers and industry experts. If you possess the following qualifications, you are a good fit for this programme and will emerge as a successful copywriter.

  • Strong in English grammar: Without saying, an error-free copy is the topmost criterion for good writing. Understanding grammar rules and exceptions as well as usage is therefore important.
  • A flair for reading: The more you read, the better you write. Should we say more?
  • Eye for detail: Is the year correct? The name spelled correctly? Proper capitalization followed? The abbreviation used consistently? These are some of the potential problems you will look for beyond errors related to grammar and usage.
  • Curiosity to learn: A lot of research is expected before you even write the first sentence of your assignment. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but will not let you down as a copywriter.

What will you receive?

  1. One month of orientation: You will receive 20 hours of orientation (live and offline, with one live session a week) so that you understand the publishing industry and position academic writing within the publishing industry.
  2. Monthly stipend: You shall receive a fixed Internship of Rs 5,000 per month for one year. Your work is initially reviewed by experienced copywriters who will provide feedback on the written content and presentation. Once you consistently meet the quality expectations, you become eligible for incentive. You are also eligible to receive incentives for the number of pages you write above and beyond the agreed number of pages.
  3. Certificate of internship: All interns who work for a minimum of 6 months are eligible for a certificate of internship.
  4. Copyediting training at a subsidized fee: All interns who complete 6 months are eligible to enrol for our flagship course “Essentials of Language Editing” at 50% of the course fee. More details about this course may be found here: editorsessentials.com.
  5. An opportunity to become part of Tholga upon successful completion of your degree programme.

What will you provide?

  1. A minimum number of pages agreed upon for each month meeting the deadlines
  2. Originally written content that meets the plagiarism threshold

How are you selected?

Step One: Objective assessment. The assessment is on grammar and usage. You need to score at least 60% in the following objective assessment to be invited to the next round.

Writing assessment. You will write a short piece of around 500 words on a topic given to you. You will receive an email communication about the topic for writing.

Interview. You will be called for an online interview if the writing assessment meets our expectations.

Who are we?

Taking inspiration from Tholkappiyam/Tholkappiyan, Tholga was founded with the objective of providing impeccable editorial service to researchers across the globe. In our one active year (we founded at the height of the pandemic and became active in 2021), we have worked on 11 research theses, 3 books and more than 50 journal articles. We are planning to expand our services not only in the editorial services domain, but also in providing training for research scholars. A 15-member team, we aim to become a 50-member team by the end of 2022 and we look forward to your becoming a valued members of our team.



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